This is Shawnee Photo Club

The Shawnee Photo Club has been in existence since the founding of Shawnee High School in 1971. The club , one of Shawnee’s photography teachers, Christian Hochenberger, and a group of annually elected students, has been in place since 2003. Shawnee Photo Club aims to involve students of any grade or skill level, who may or may not take a photography class, in hopes of furthering individual interest. SPC gives students a chance to present their work to a larger audience in hopes of receiving praise and feedback. The main way for students to showcase work is through the annual Winter Photo Show held at Vaughan Hall. The members of SPC inspire each other with their own work and produce some of the most captivating images ever seen by high school students.

Meet the President, Katie Fricke

Katie Fricke is the President of photo club for the 2019-2020 year. Katie is a junior now and is attending James Madison University to play field hockey. As a sophomore Katie was the Treasure of photo club and a member freshman year.

Tyler is a Sophomore and this is his second year in photo club. He is currently Vice President. In addition to photo club, he is also a member of ShawneeTV, Shawnee Marching Band, and the Iron Devils Robotics team.

Meet the Vice President, Tyler Omans

Meet the Recording Secretary, Rachel Piazza

Rachel Piazza is a sophomore at Shawnee. She has been in photo club since freshman year and is currently the Recording Secretary. She is passionate about photojournalism, and outside of the club, she is an Editor of the newspaper and President of Lit Mag.

Jade Reader is a Sophomore and has been involved in the photo club for two years now, this year holding the name of the Treasurer. Outside of the club Jade is involved in Shawnee TV and Drama

Meet the Treasurer, Jade Reader

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