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This is Shawnee Photo Club

The Shawnee Photo Club has been in existence since the founding of Shawnee High School in 1971. The club , one of Shawnee’s photography teachers, Christian Hochenberger, and a group of annually elected students, has been in place since 2003. Shawnee Photo Club aims to involve students of any grade or skill level, who may or may not take a photography class, in hopes of furthering individual interest. SPC gives students a chance to present their work to a larger audience in hopes of receiving praise and feedback. The main way for students to showcase work is through the annual Winter Photo Show held at Vaughan Hall. The members of SPC inspire each other with their own work and produce some of the most captivating images ever seen by high school students.

Meet the President, Eric Schubert

Eric Schubert is a junior here at Shawnee, and the current elected President of the Shawnee Photo Club. An active member since his freshman year, he's in charge with organizing club events, meetings, as well as community outreach. Eric enjoys photographing several types of photography, but loves landscapes. When he's not with the club, Eric's an editor for the Shawnee Renegade Report, a social media assistant, and a nationally featured genealogist.

Liz Speiser is the Vice President of Photo Club and has been an active member since her sophomore year. She's had a passion for photography since she got her first camera in fifth grade. Liz enjoys all styles of photography, but takes a special interest in portraiture, beauty, fashion, and fine art styles. She hopes to help make the club fun and interactive this year for all involved!

Meet the Vice President, Liz Speiser

Meet the Recording Secretary, Maddie Giquinto

Maddie Giquinto is the Photo Club Secretary for the 2017-2018 school year. Her interest in photography began at a young age when her mom would bring her along to help her photograph weddings. Her favorite styles of photography are fashion, portraiture, photojournalism, and nature.

Jake Kozmor is the current Treasurer of the Shawnee Photo Club. 

Meet the Treasurer, Jake Kozmor

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